Leasing Artworks

Leasing Art is a flexible way to enliven your home or office and in doing so creating a stylish and stimulating environment anywhere in Australia.

A tailored approach

Ainslie Gatt Art Consultancy’s experienced art consultants’ call on their extensive knowledge of contemporary Australian to tailor a selection of artworks for lease for you. Our consultants will work with you to determine your art leasing needs, taking into consideration your space, interior design, company branding, individual taste and budget.

Our Art Consultants can visit your premises, or you can make an appointment to view a selection of available artworks for lease. Alternatively, we can easily help you select artworks for lease via email or by post.

Art Leasing calculations

Contact us for further information.

Conditions of lease

* Leased two-dimensional artworks come with appropriate fixings for installation;
* Ainslie Gatt Art Consultancy receives full payment prior to the work leaving our studio;
* Transport to and from, and installation costs are covered by the client and carried out by an approved handler;
* The client ensures the artworks against theft and damage;
* Condition reporting required every second year; and
* The leasing agreement is for a minimum period of 1 year.


Copyright of the works rests with the artists, and the images may not be reproduced without prior written permission from the artist and Ainslie Gatt Art Consultancy.

All dimensions are recorded as follow: height x length x width x diameter.

To take advantage of Ainslie Gatt Art Consultancy’s art for lease library, contact Ainslie: 0431-967-069 or art@ainsliegatt.com.au

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