Jenny Seaton, Curtin Radio 100.1FMA week or two ago I was asked by the wonderful Jenny Seaton, weekday presenter on the popular radio alternative Curtin Radio 100.1FM, to come in to have a chat on-air with her about all things visual art. Well, today was the day. Curtin Radio is based out at Curtin University, Bentley WA, and my old stomping ground.

Today’s focus was on having your art valued.

I love this subject because it brings out so many different stories about individual collections. However, one thing I do recommend to people who have artworks that they know little or nothing about is first to Google the artist.

You should be able to find the artist’s signature on or near the bottom of the painting, or sometimes the artists writes their name and the title of the painting and if you are lucky the date on the back, known as ‘verso’.

With this information in hand, it will make a great starting point for you to do some initial due diligence.

Once you have done this and, hopefully, you have gained some insight about the artist and the artwork; it is time to make contact with an experienced industry professional, like myself. From here I will need to view the artwork/s so I can advise you if it is worth you having them valued.

Valuing Your ArtFinally, the MOST important thing about having your artwork valued is ‘provenance, provenance and provenance. Did I mention provenance? One needs to follow a paper trail!

Realistically, you should have all your artworks valued every two years. The art valuation will keep your insurance company happy and will give you a great piece of mind.

PS: If I happen to find a podcast for today’s segment I will repost this blog with it included.

Remember, “Art is not what you see, it is what you make others see.” Edgar Degas

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